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    Hello Club members! 

  • Our 2022 Ski Trips have and will be continuing to depart almost weekly one after another from January through March. I’m excited to attend our next monthly social scheduled for February 9th at Outpost Kitchen, Bar, & Provisions in Maitland (New Location for us!) so I can hear more of the fun stories from our Beaver Creek and Heavenly Trip participants.

    Our Travel committee will soon begin their Springtime meetings and the preliminary planning for next year’s club ski trips, so prepare yourself for the ability to sign up online for next year’s ski trips as early as the last week of May, only 4 months from now!

    Please start to give careful thought to who you may know through your work or among your friends that you will want to invite to our wonderful Wekiva Island Membership Drive Picnic that will be held in Longwood. We are planning some wonderful incentives for current members like yourself to help us build our club with new potential members that you think will enjoy our group trips (both ski and non-ski adventure trips) and activities. The Incentive particulars will be soon listed within our Meetup.com website under the Wekiva Island Membership Picnic Event details (May 15th). This will also be the time and place where we will reveal the dates and destinations chosen to be our list of next year’s offered ski trips and additionally when you’ll be able to first sign up for the October 14-16th Lake Louisa State Park Party Weekend in nearby Clermont which is expected to sell out quickly! 

    I would like to congratulate our Race Team listed below on their January FSC Pauline's Cup race results in Heavenly this year!

    Orlando Team Overall FSC Result – Silver Medal Winner!

    Jeff Szarzanowitz 

    Todd Bauerle 

    David Miller 

    Jackie Warren 

    Dorian Bolieux 

    Debra Tahy - first time racer and new to our club this year


    Fastest Man on the Mountain - Jeff Szarzanowitz

    Fastest Man 40-49  Jeff Szarzanowitz

    Fastest Man 60-69 Todd Bauerle

    Fastest Man 80+ David Miller “Race Captain”

    Fastest Woman 30-39 Debra Tahy (New to our club this year)

    Fastest Woman 40-49 Michelle Abbott - Snowboarder, first time racer and new to our club this year

    Happy Valentine's Day!

        Steve Clark, OSTC President

OSTC February Social

Join us Wednesday, February 9th from 6pm to 8pm for another fun social!!
We'll gather at Outpost Kitchen, Bar & Provisions

Come out and mingle with current and future OSTC members while enjoying scratch-made lite bites, signature cocktails, and fermented giggle water! (Otherwise known as beer!)!

Outpost Kitchen, Bar & Provisions

111 S. Orlando Ave • Maitland

Let Us Know You're Coming By RSVPing Here!

It's Miller Time!

OSTC February 2022 Member Highlight!
The Valences

Each month we highlight another member so we can all get to know one another better! Since it's Valentine's month, we're going to highlight an OSTC couple! Member highlights are nominated and voted on by the OSTC board, then highlighted in that month's newsletter. That member will get the same set of Q&As! Read on for Chuck and Cyndy's answers:

How did you get exposed to travel and adventuring, what brought you to our club?

Chuck: The 20 years I served in the Marine Corps took me to places all around the world, which whet my appetite. I learned to scuba dive in Japan and have dived off-the-grid places like East Timor, Tinian and other places. Then I met Cyndy, who has just about the biggest travel bug of anyone I know!

Cyndy: Our big family trips growing up were to Disney World, and believe it or not, that’s where I got the first inkling that there is a lot more out there to see and experience. Chuck got me into scuba diving, where I got to experience the underwater world in Key West, Oahu & Curacao.

Our BFF’s, Earl & Laura Schuette, introduced us to the club! Earl served as President and tried for years to get us to join, but our focus was scuba diving…until we took an impromptu Thanksgiving trip to Aspen, where I was able to get on skis for the first time in my life and Chuck once again after 25 years. We. Were. Hooked! We joined the club the following year and traveled to Whistler and quickly realized that one of the best parts of traveling with the club is not only the friendships we’ve made and the camaraderie, but if you are at different ski levels, you’ll always have someone to ski with. While I was off taking lessons or on the beginner runs, Chuck could hook up with others to ski more challenging runs and I didn’t feel pressured and he was able to have fun! Thankfully, my skiing has improved over the years to where we now ski together.

What is your favorite OSTC memory?

Chuck: My favorite memory is probably during the 1st trip we took with the club to Whistler. While the ski conditions weren’t the best, the apes ski in the village WAS. I specifically recall the last night there and dancing like no one was watching…really let my hair down (while I still had some.)

Cyndy: We have so many! I think mine (just like Rose) is the long weekend we spent in Geneva March 2020. We were supposed to travel for 2 weeks in Switzerland and then COVID hit, everything shut down, and we had to come home. But that weekend in Geneva stands out because we had so much fun and really bonded as a group. Little did we know just how drastically things would change the next 2 years, so that foot-loose and fancy-free feeling we all experienced in Geneva is a memory I will cherish!

Where is your favorite place to travel to and if you could create your own trip, what would it be?

For both of us it’s Hawai’i. It’s where we got to spend our first wedding anniversary and visit with our Ohana, Earl & Laura, and where we’ve traveled back to several times with them. As for creating our own trip, there are so many on the list - Japan, Thailand, New Zealand. Cyndy's retirement dream is to live in a major city - US & Europe - for 1-2 months at a time over a 12 month period.

Hobbies, talents and interests outside of traveling:

Chuck: Bowling, working out, sports, working out, softball, and working out 😉

Cyndy: Reading, cooking (especially Spanish food, I make a mean Flan), voracious reader of current events and news

Fun fact no one knows about you:

Chuck: I once competed in a body building contest in College and wore a purple posing speedo 😎

Cyndy: I’m a homebody at heart, a Sci-Fi nerd (where my Trekkies at?!), and a former Nurse for 23 years.


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