• President's Message

    Happy New Year to every Orlando Ski and Adventure Travel Club member! 

    Our 2022 Ski Trips are about to launch, one after the other, starting with Beaver Creek on January 8th. I wish everyone perfect ski conditions and big beautiful snowflakes.

    On Thursday,  December 16th we held our Christmas Event at Ace Café and from all the feedback received regarding the party, it was a huge social success! Over 90 people attended this Christmas Party and nearly 25% of attendees were new to our club this year. Many of these people are just weeks away from taking their first trip with us! Some of them are waiting for upcoming adventure and river trips as well. 

    Thank you, again, to those members who invited their friends and neighbors to check out our club! Your next opportunity to invite people who you think will enjoy our activities will be at the 2022 monthly socials starting Wednesday January 12th at 6pm at Sanford Brewing Company. Please note that the location is actually in Downtown Maitland. We also have our planned Wekiva Island Membership Picnic on Sunday May 15th starting at 9am in Longwood.

    Everyone who attended the Christmas Party provided a $10 entrance fee charity donation, and in addition, we raffled off 7 Peter Glenn Gift Cards donated by Peter Glenn Ski and Sports. Together, we collected a total of $1,350 for Toys for Tots and they were very pleased to receive the money and support from our club this year. 

    If you happen to have left the Party early before we called out winning #’s and you saved your raffle tickets for verification, these are the 3 unclaimed winning numbers from the raffle – 8471835, 8471779, and 8471809.

    Contact SClark2575@gmail.com to claim your prize from Peter Glenn!

    Happy New Year!!

        Steve Clark, OSTC President

OSTC Trip News & Updates

Ski Trip: Wild West Spring Fling Adventure

New Openings Up For Grabs
2 With Air and 6 Without (Without Air Starting at $988)

Jackson Hole, Wyoming • March 19 - 26, 2022 

Did you know? The town of Jackson Wyoming used to be a genuine western town where pioneers sought new adventures and it remains that way today. Near the town square, the streets have covered wooden board walks which adds to its appeal with lots of outdoor shops, souvenir shops, and quirky boutiques and galleries (many featuring local wildlife).

 Click Here For All The Details

Trip Leader: Jackie Warren (407) 314-0207 • Email: jwa407@aol.com

OSTC January Social!

Join us Wednesday, January 12th from 6pm to 8pm for the first social of the year!
We'll gather at Sanford Brewing Co. in Maitland

Come out and mingle with current and future OSTC members while enjoying lite bites, drinks, and of course, BEER!

Sanford Brewing Company - Maitland

160 Independence Lane • Suite B • Maitland

Let Us Know You're Coming By RSVPing Here!

It's Miller Time!

OSTC January 2022 Member Highlight!
Rose DeTorre

Each month we'll highlight another member so we can all get to know one another better! Member highlights are nominated and voted on by the OSTC board, then highlighted in that month's newsletter. That member will get the same set of Q&A! Read on for Rose's answers:

How did you get exposed to travel and adventuring, what brought you to our club?

When I was 20 years old I got my passport so I could go on a cruise to the Bahama’s on spring break with my best friend. That was all it took for me to get the travel bug. Fast forward to today and I’ve been to more countries than states in the USA. What brought me to OSTC was MeetUp.com. I was going though a transition period in my life, I called it my year of discovery, where I was trying lots of new things in an effort to reinvent myself. At this point, I had been snowboarding for like 3 years and ran across the club on MeetUp.com. I became a member and signed up for the Heavenly trip without meeting a single member. The club created a lot of opportunity for me to meet good people and travel to new destinations.

What is your favorite OSTC memory?

I have so many great memories and have met some amazing people through the club. One thing that will stick out in my memory forever is being in Geneva, Switzerland in March 2020 when they announced they were closing the borders. What was supposed to be a 2 week trip was reduced to 3 days. So I did what any rational person would do and went to a local bar to spend the remainder of my Swiss Francs.

Where is your favorite place to travel to and if you could create your own trip, what would it be?

I have lots of places I enjoy traveling to from Spain and France in Europe, the Galapagos islands in South America, an African safari in Tanzania, and scaling the great wall in China. One place stands out in my mind unlike anything I’ve ever experiences, India. I spent a total of 3 months in India for work once. I even have friends over there who I stay in contact with. Although my visa expired this year, I am hopeful for the day I would return.

If I could create my own trip, you would think this would be an easy question, but not for me as I have a 6 year backlog of trip ideas due to the pandemic. I will mention two trips from my list: Indonesia, which I am considering planning for 2023; Antarctica, which I hope to have crossed off my bucket list no later than 2024.

Hobbies, talents and interests outside of traveling:

I like to read, I am usually reading 2 or 3 books at the same time. I am a big support of the local art scene in Orlando, specifically the Orlando Ballet. I use to compete athletically in long distance running and triathlons, although I have retired from the competition I did it for so long the lifestyle that comes along with it is ingrained in me. I still workout most days doing cycling, yoga, pilates, barre, swimming, strength training, and boot camp. The last hobby I picked up during the pandemic is paint by numbers. It gave me something to do during lock down and I enjoyed it so much I’ve continued doing it. Perhaps some of you have seen some of my work on Facebook.

Fun fact no one knows about you:

When I was in my early teens I dreamed of being a model. My parents enrolled me into this school, besides teaching me how to stand up straight and walk with confidence, it also taught me manners. I found myself learning table manners and etiquette when eating at a formal dinner setting. Although my modeling career never took off, (being 5’1” may have had something to do with that) the lessons in etiquette have proven to be invaluable.


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